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It is to be noted that Amazing Race Jyväskylä makes use of Finnish language in its hints and puzzles; if you are interested in participating we recommend to take at least one Finnish speaking student in your team.

Tickets sale starts 12.4.2018 at 12 pm sharp!

Tickets for the race are sold for teams of four (4), not for individuals. 150 tickets are for sale, so for 600 students overall. The composition of the teams is not limited in any way, so you can gather your team from both JYY and JAMKO alike, and even include your non-student friends.

As the tickets are sold for teams, only one of the team members has to enter the team into the race and buy the tickets. In the past years, the event has sold out in just minutes, so you better be on time! The ticket sale is limited so that one person can buy one team ticket. Hence, one person can buy one team ticket for his or her team, but not a second ticket for another team.

For the ticket sale

NOTE! When purchasing the ticket, the team’s name should be announced in the slot labeled “Yritys/seura/affiliate/”. If the team has not announced their name during the purchase, it should be announced by 20.04.2018 via e-mail to address

Until the sale starts...

What should I consider when purchasing a ticket?

The team ticket’s price is 28 euros (incl. Service fee 2 €), so the participation fee is 7 € / participant. Event tickets are sold by Liveto and the team ticket is paid at the time of the purchase. We leave it to the teams’ to distribute the payment evenly between the team members after the ticket has been purchased. The price includes the participation fee for the event, the racepass, four (4) wristbands, four (4) overall patches, the after party and yearly changing benefits for the participants.

Payment methods include Finnish online banking (net bank), debit and credit cards (Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard). After payment you will receive the team ticket via email. So be careful when submitting your e-mail address!

Benefits for the participants 2018:

Benefits with the wristband

Free use of the Linkki busses on the day of the event on April 30, 2018, until 12 am (24:00).

» to the Linkki Website
» to the Linkki Local Traffic Trip Planner

Benefits with the overall patch

On the day of the event on April 30, 2018 and on the 1st May, the participants will receive -20% of all products at the Jyväskylä Rax restaurant.

Free entrance to the event’s after party on 30 April 2018.

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