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Due to the corona virus pandemic Amazing Race Jyväskylä is postponed and will be arranged on Saturday 12th September.

Safety notes!

Due to the pandemic situation

  • If you feel sick at all, don’t attend the event. If you show Covid19-symptoms during the day, you will be removed from the race.
  • Keep care of good hand hygiene during the day.
  • Keep care of safety distance to other teams (2m).
  • We highly recommend you to wear a mask when riding Linkki-buses. Don’t take the bus if it seems too full.
  • If you notice you have any Covid19-symptoms after the race, please contact



The enrollment to the competition happens on teams of four (4). Only one member of the team needs to buy a ticket. When purchasing the ticket, you need to submit the email of the team captain and the name of the team.

You can only buy one ticket at a time.

Ticket sales start on Monday 7th September at 3pm on Notice that you need to log in to your account before you can purchase a ticket.

The start

The race starts from Kirkkopuisto. The teams will start at 11am, 11:30 and 12pm (your starting time depends on the ticket you buy). Check-in for the race opens at 10:00 and it would be highly recommended to get there at least half an hour before the starting time mentioned in your ticket.

At the check-in the teams will get their race passes, official wristbands for the busses, overall patches and the first clue to a checkpoint.

Checkpoints and clues

In the race there is seven (7) checkpoints located all over Jyväskylä area that are organized by local companies and organizations. At checkpoints the teams will complete functional tasks after which they’ll get a clue for the next checkpoint. The teams have 6,5 hours to solve their way through the checkpoints.

If you possibly cant solve the clue or find the next checkpoint you can ask for an extra clue from the last checkpoint you visited or Kirkkopuisto. Asking for another clue leads to time penalty.

Moving between the checkpoints

The only accepted way of travel during the race is by foot and by the Linkki busses. Bicycles, skateboards, cars, taxis and other ways of travel are forbidden!

At the start the teams will get official race wristbands. By showing the wristband to the buss driver you can ride Linkki busses for free during the race.

Finish line

After the team has visited all the checkpoints, wants to quit the race or the performance time (6,5h) is coming to an end, it has to return the race pass to the finish line in Kirkkopuisto. The finish line closes at 6:30pm and passes returned after that time will not be accepted. If the team doesn’t return the pass before closing it cannot be rewarded.

Info desk

During the race you can find an info desk at Kirkkopuisto, where you can get extra clues.


The best teams will be rewarded in two categories. In the speed race the team tries to solve it’s way to the finish line as fast as possible. If you prefer taking it easy and just want to enjoy the day with no rush you may attend the best vibes race. In this category the winning teams will be chosen by the Amazing Race Jyväskylä team, based on their team spirit and positivity during the day. There will be three (3) prizes shared in both categories.

At the best vibes race you can also attend on social media. Make sure that your profile is public, tag @amazingracejkl and use our official hashtag #arj2020.

The prizes will be shared at Kirkkopuisto after the race at 7pm.


There is no official afterparty this year due to the pandemic situation.

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