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Is this your first participating in the awesome Amazing Race Jyväskylä student event? Are you wondering what the whole event is actually on about or are more practical issues troubling you? Good! You have come to the right place.

Why should I attend?

Amazing Race Jyväskylä is a spinoff competition of the popular tv-series for students and the awesomest Vappu student event! The purpose of the race is to navigate your way from checkpoint to checkpoint by solving clues and completing tasks in teams of four. This spring counts the twelfth time Amazing Race Jyväskylä has been organized and the event has sold out every year in just minutes. The reasons behind Amazing Race Jyväskylä popularity include the interdisciplinary nature of the event, lighthearted competition between the participating teams while solving mind boggling clues and completing epic tasks as well as the students’ groovy Vappu Vibes!

What is this Vappu we are going on and on about?

Vappu is also known as International Workers’ Day, Labour Day and is most often referred to as May Day. Vappu is a celebration of labourers and the working classes that takes place every year on the first of May. In Finland, May Day is an official and national holiday. In addition to being Worker’s Day, Vappu is also an ancient European spring festival. Apart from the Labour Day celebrations in other countries, in Finland Vappu is also celebrated as a feast of students and spring, drawing from it’s European roots. Students especially have claimed Vappu as their own, celebrating for days on end that spring is here. When talking about Vappu, you might hear the hashtag #vapueilopu being mentioned, which basically means that Vappu and the Vappu celebrations have no end in the student community.

When are the tickets sold?

The ticket-sale starts on April 8th at 12 pm. Buy tickets here.   One ticket costs 28 € and is valid for the entire team.

How does the day progress?

The Amazing Race Jyväskylä day starts at the crack of dawn with a hefty breakfast and and an irish… well at least coffee. Check-in for the race begins at 9:30 am and the starts to the race will begin gradually after 10 am. Teams will be sent out in the order of arrival, so you may want to come early. And where is the start? The race will begin from the forecourt of the University’s C-building on Seminaarinmäki campus.

Between the start and the finish line, teams will be solving clues and completing tasks at their own phase. The checkpoints can be completed as fast as possible and take race literally as race, or you can lay back and enjoy the ride. Teams will navigate to a checkpoint by solving the clue they are given at the start or at the previous checkpoint.

If the clue proves to be too hard, extra clues are available at Kirkkopuisto info desk and at the previous checkpoint, in exchange for a time penalty.Teams will head to the finish line when they have completed all of the checkpoints, wish to drop out of the race or when the day is coming to an end and time is running out.

The place of the finishline will be released later.

After party(ies):
The venue for the after party is Freetime.

What I should have with me?

  • For Amazing Race Jyväskylä you need in addition to yourself:
  • Three (3) teammates, that you will try and not lose during the race!
  • Positive vibes, these you should try and not lose!
  • ID, for the after party and for purchasing possible hydration during the race.
  • A bag, backpack or something of sorts, for carrying around the racepass and other materials given to the teams at the starting point.
  • A proper packed lunch, add the nerd emoji here. We will leave it to the participants consideration whether your lunch in more liquid or solid, but remember to eat and drink during the race because the day is going to be long. Especially if you find yourself partying like an animal at the after party at three in the morning!
  • Good manners, this is crucial as the race takes place all round Jyväskylä in public places and from morning to evening, aka times when other people are also at these places and possibly with children. Especially when travelling on the Linkki busses, remember to take others into consideration and spread the lovely atmosphere of Vappu around you rather than obnoxious behaviour which can occur in the presence of alcohol and students.

What should I wear?

Amazing Race Jyväskylä is a fantastic opportunity to wear student overalls or take a stand and dress up according to a team theme! Team outfits are encouraged as they are a factor when considering the winners of the best vibes race. In the spirit of Vappu, student caps are also welcome as headdresses and should be put on when the statue of Minna Canth receives her cap at Kirkkopuisto. The spring weather might surprise us, so sunglasses and possibly ice fishing overalls could be useful!


The race will begin from a common starting point. This year (2018) the race will begin from the forecourt of the University’s C-building on the Seminaarinmäki campus.

  • At the starting point the teams will team up, and after all four (4) members of the team are present, the team will continue to the check-in.
  • Check-in begins at 9:30 (half past 9) am.
  • At the check-in the teams ticket(s) will be scanned and the team will state their final and official team name. The teams will be given wristbands that allow the teams to travel on the Linkki-busses for free during the day of the event. In addition, they will receive racepasses and an envelope, that will include the first clue and ARJ overall patches.
  • Teams will start the race gradually in three different starts, the first one starts at 10 am, the second one at 10:15 am and the third one at 10:30 am. Teams will be sent out in the order of arrival (50 teams per start).

Clues and moving between checkpoints

In the race the teams will navigate their way from checkpoint to checkpoint by solving clues and completing tasks in teams of four. Teams will receive the first clues at the starting point, and the next clues from checkpoints after completing them acceptably. The checkpoints are located all around the Jyväskylä area.

  • A team receives the first clue at the starting point. The teams mission is to solve the clue and navigate their way to the checkpont.
  • The teams will be divided to all seven checkpoints at the start of the race, this means that approximately seven teams will be navigating to the same checkpoint from the same start. In the first clue there will be a ordinal number, that tells in what order the checkpoints will be rounded and completed. For example, if you get the number 6, your team’s first checkpoint is the sixth one and you will continue on to checkpoint seven, then one, two and so on until all of the checkpoints have been completed, you wish to drop out of the race, or you’re running out of time.
  • The clues can be challenging, but try not to feel overwhelmed as they aren’t supposed to be impossible to solve. Remember that Google is a friend, OK Google?!
  • NOTE! The only accepted way of travel during the race is by foot and by the Linkki busses. Bicycles, skateboards, cars, taxis and other ways of travel are forbidden!


Teams will navigate to a checkpoint by solving the clue they are given at the start or at the previous checkpoint. Teams can enter the checkpoint only when they have solved the right clue correctly. In other words, a team can not enter the checkpoint after hearing of the checkpoint form a another team or by finding a checkpoint by pure luck.

  • Teams will be allowed to enter the checkpoint and attempt the task in the order of arrival to the checkpoint. Teams can try and complete the task only when all members of the team are present.
  • At the checkpoint a practical and active task will be performed by the team. The task has to be completed in an acceptable manner, judged by the checkpoint team. After the task has been completed successfully, the team will receive a stamp of approval to their racepass and the next clue. Make sure that you receive the stamp or marking or whatever on your racepass by the checkpoint team.
  • The checkpoint team can give teams time penalties or an extra task, if they feel that the task wasn’t completed successfully. A task can be judged unsuccessful if the team is not being serious about task or if they can not complete the task in the given amount of time by the checkpoint team.
  • The checkpoints will be toured by the teams in their own phase during the day until the checkpoints are closed at 5:00 pm.

Info and finish line

The info desk and finish line of the race are at Kirkkopuisto.

  • If a team isn’t able to solve a clue during the race, they can get an extra clue at the info desk or at the previous checkpoint. Think hard and long about using the extra clues, because the extra clues are only given out in exchange for a time penalty and the prizes of the speedrace can slip through your fingers.
  • At the end of the race, the teams need “cross the finish line” and sign out of the race at Kirkkopuisto. Teams will head to the finish line when they have completed all of the checkpoints, wish to drop out of the race or when the day is coming to an end and time is running out.
  • The finish line closes at 5:30 pm.
  • The workers at the finish line will write down the teams performance time and the number of completed checkpoints. Time penalties will be added to the performance time, if there are any.

Distribution of prizes

After the race has been completed and the winners have been announced and rewarded at Kirkkopuisto in JYY and JAMKOs Vappu-event. Amazing Race Jyväskylä is both a speedrace and a “vibes race”. Each team can choose for themselves whether they are pursuing the prizes for the fastest teams or the prizes for the teams with best vibes! Amazing Race Jyväskylä is an experience as its own, and teams have been known to attend the race without even going for the prizes just for the sake of it!


  • Three (3) fastest teams to complete the checkpoints and sign out at the finish line will be rewarded.
  • The winner is the team, whose overall performance time (including possible time penalties) is the lowest.
  • The race can be an actual race if you choose to see it that way!

Best vibes race

  • Three (3) teams with the best vibes will be rewarded
  • Teams should focus on having fun and spreading the great Vappu vibes in order to win these prizes, and therefore have no rush in completing the race
  • The checkpoint teas are in charge of the “vibes race” as they are the ones who see the teams in action at the checkpoints. Each checkpoint team will give points to three teams, they feel deserve a “vibes prize”! Take note, that the likelyhood on winning the vibes race grow the more check-points you complete as more checkpoint teams are able to give your team points. The criteria for the vibes prizes include:
    • Team outfits, costumes, other props
    • Team (teen) spirit!
    • Positive attitude, groovy vibes and having fun

Social media presence award

  • For the first time this year one (1) team will be awarded the best social media presence award!
  • The race takes place on Instagram and on Facebook. The prize will be awarded to a team, that shows the best vibes through social media. In order to enter the social media race, use the hashtag #somefiilis2018 when posting images during the Amazing Race Jyväskylä event. Our social media and communications team will pick the winning image that captures the essence of Amazing Race Jyväskylä!
  • Ones going after this prize should post through their ARJ journey and blast around our hashtag #amazingracejkl2018 and tag us @amazingracejkl on social media!
  • The winner of the race will be picked on the 1st of May, at 3 pm. This means that the winning image can be taken at the after party or the actual race!
  • Make sure that we know what team is behind each post and image! A modern, social media aware team makes up their own hashtag in addition to #somefiilis2018. Also take into consideration that we need to see the posts in order to fall in love with them, accounts on Instagram need to be public as well as posts on Facebook.

After party

The Amazing Race Jyväskylä 2018 party doesn’t stop with the race, but the goes on at JYY and JAMKO’s Vappu-event at Kirkkopuisto and at the event’s official after party at nightclub Freetime!

  • Participants of the race will be granted free entrance to Freetime with the ARJ event’s overall patch. Be sure to have some cash on you for the coatroom (cost 2 €) and to speed the service at the bar.
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