The radio show will be only in Finnish.

Safety notes!

Due to the pandemic situation

  • If you feel sick at all, don’t visit the checkpoint locations.
  • Keep care of safety distance to other people at the checkpoints (2m).
  • Please don’t use public transport on your way to the checkpoint you’ve chosen to visit.
  • If you have any safety concerns, please contact


How to attend the race?

You don’t need to enroll to the race in beforehand. You just need to turn on Vappuradio on 30th April at 12 pm and listen to the show.

During the show the hosts will give 12 clues to checkpoints that are located around Jyväskylä. To attend the race, solve the clues and visit one of the checkpoints. From the checkpoint locations you can find a QR-code you can read with your mobile device. The QR-code takes you to the participation form. To the form you can fill out your contact information and guesses for the other checkpoint locations.

At the end of the show, before 2 pm, the hosts will reveal the winners of the race.


1) Most solved clues. A drawing between participants who’ve guessed most correct checkpoint locations.

  • Prize: Giftcard to Huvimestari you can use for rappelling or pendulum + Vappu-basket!

2) A drawing between all participants.

  • Prize: Private movie night at Ilokivi movie theater. 

3) Social media participation. You can attend this category by posting a picture from ARJ to your social media. Remember to tag @amazingracejkl and #etäARJ. There will be a drawing between all social media participants.

  • Prize: A ticket to Jyrock festival this Autumn!